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Dr. Alfred Müller
Meteorologische Instrumente KG
Chausseestraße 39/42c
D - 15712 Königs Wusterhausen (Senzig)

website: www.rfuess-mueller.de

phone.: +49 (0)3375 / 9025-32 
fax.: +49 (0)3375 / 9025-36
info@meteomueller.de   resp.     dr.a.mueller-r.fuess@t-online.de

Bank account:
Deutsche Bank
Account No: 452 039 100
Bank code number 100 708 48
IBAN: DE98 100 708 480 4520391 00
Account holder: Dr. Alfred Müller

Company Register: HRA 2317 Amtsgericht Cottbus
VAT-No.: DE 167 982 057

The company Dr. Alfred Müller Meteorologische Instrumente KG was established in 1975 in Berlin
as successor of the world-valued company R.FUESS in Berlin-Steglitz, founded in 1885.
The company is continuing the complete program of meteorological instruments in highest quality standards of all products for measuring of the climatological and synoptical parameters of
Besides the range of mechanical instruments a new technology product’s group of electronic equipment  for automatical measurements of  meteorology parameter was integrated in the production line. Besides  customized solutions for automated airport weather stations and automated weather observing systems (AWOS) the company is a well known manufacturer for highest quality digital barometers.
The leading role of brand-name R.FUESS in the meteorological services world-wide for many decades was substantiated in consequence of the wide variety of high quality instruments with long service  durability. The unique quality and precision of the well-known instruments as the actinographs 58dc, the mercury barometers 2k, 20k,  11a9, 11b9 and 11i, the aneroid barometers 15pm and 15ps, barographs  78a and 78b, Microbarograph 78m, Evaporigraph 73p, the conspicuous Anemographs 82a and 90Z and the high capacity rainrecorder 95c and 95y for tropical areas are the basis for world-wide distribution and use of the instruments of with the brand name Dr. Müller - R.FUESS.
The practical philosophy of the company’s leader since many years is the consideration and maintenance of the users interests. This is realized by giving all requested support as training and education, help for installation and operation, maintenance and repair at factory or at the customer’s facilities. Moreover, the Dr. Müller / R.Fuess company is giving the guarantee for the availability of spare parts and consumables for a minimum of ten years, in the practice for nearly all products without any limitation.
The production and developing facilities of the company are located in Königs Wusterhausen, a small city near Berlin, the capital of Germany. The high graduated ingeneers and good educated technicians as permanent workers are the basis for a successful establishment and substancial production for processing of large projects.