Wind Direction Sensors

download the leaflet: W20-2 and W20-2/H Wind Direction Sensors
                              W20-2/CL and W20-2/CL/H Wind Direction Sensors

No. W20-2 and W20-2/H Wind Direction Sensor

This sensor W20-2 is designed for measuring of wind direction with low dumping ratio and low overshoot up to strongest wind. The rugged wind vane shows an excellent accuracy and linearity.
It is completely made of anodised aluminium, stainless steel and Delrina durable and lightweight. A labyrinth prevents dust and water from bearings. A water-proof 7-pin plug provides a safety cable connection. A high precision potentiometer with only a gap of 2 degree in the north position transforms the turning of the vane into an electrical signal. The large dimensions of the vane make the sensor suitable for frosty regions without using of a sensor heating.

Sensor Type: Wind vane with ring potentiometer
Measuring Range: 1... 359 °
Accuracy: +/- 2 °
Dumping Ratio: 0.2 m/s  
Distance Constant: 0.6 m
Overshoot: lower than 10 °
Potentiometer Linearity: < 0.3 %
Resistance: 5 kOhm  (other resistances on request)
Power Supply (sensor): max. 50 V / 10 mA
Power Supply (heating): max. 220 V / 1 A
Ambient Temperature: -20°C... +60°C (unheated) 
              with heating: -50°C... +60°C (No. W20-2/H = with heating device)
Heating supply: 200…250 V AC
Ambient Humidity: 0... 100 % RH
Vane Turning Radius: 430 mm
Body Dimension: 300 mm  x  60 mm   (HxD)
Weight: 1.5 kg
Material: anodised aluminium, stainless steel and delrina

No. W20-2/CL and W20-2/CL/H Wind Direction Sensor

The sensor contains a standard 4 to 20 mA two wire current loop amplifier for long distance data transfer to a display unit or computer station. Its input voltage range is 10… 50 V DC
When vane axis turns, the coupled potentiometer changes the output current from 4.05 to 19.95 mA corresponding to the vane direction from 1 to 359°. The vane can be removed from the cross arm for maintenance and reinstalled without new orientation, because pin and key allow mounting in the original position only.


as above but:
Signal output: 4 - 20 mA two wire current loop
Input voltage range: 10... 50 V DC
Connection: 7 pin waterproof plug:
                  pin1 NC, pin2 NC, pin3 signal -, pin4 signal +, pin5 and pin6 AC voltage for heatig.
Heating supply  :   200…250 V AC
Ambient temperature: -20... +60°C
             with heating: -50... +60°C  (No. W20-2/CL/H = with heating device)

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