Sunshine Recorder

leaflet: 241-0E Sunshine Recorder, Campbell-Stokes Type

241-0S Heliógrafos, Tipo Campbell-Stokes

Druckschrift: 241-0 Sonnenschein-Autographen

No. 96c Sunshine Recorder, Campbell-Stokes Type

for the installation in northern or southern equatorial zones, grey lacquered hammertone finished design with polished glass sphere, box level and levelling plate.

96C - Sunshine Recorder - Campbell-Stokes Type96C -- Sunshine Recorder - Campbell-Stokes Type

Installation range: 5°S to 45°N or 5°N to 45°S
Period of recording: 14 hours
Weight: 5.2 kg
Dimensions*: 205 mm x 185 mm x 290 mm
*depending from operation position including base plate

Accessories: 1 year's supply = 400 cards (100 pcs. for spring
and autumn, 150 pcs. for summer, 150 pcs. for winter)

No. 96d Sunshine Recorder,

as above, but for installation in northern or southern latitudes between 25 and 65° N resp. S
Period of recording: 18 hours

There is, at additional cost, a heating device available for the glass sphere of No. 96c and No. 96d.

No. SO19 T039 Spare glass sphere

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