Anemograph "Universal"

Druckschrift: 214-0 Universal-Windmesser

leaflet: 214-0E Anemograph “Universal”

folleto: 214-0S Anemografo "Universal" 82a y 82b

No. 82a Anemograph "Universal"
world's largest, most durable and only available purely mechanical wind recorder with mechanical resp. pneumatic transmission for continuous recording of wind direction, wind run and gusts

consisting of transmitter and elective with drum recorder (version No. 82a - rotation time 1 day) or continious chart recording device (version No. 82b - recording period 1 month)

82A-TransmitterTransmitter with wind vane pitot tube and cup wheel, in grey lacquered weatherproof design, with flange for fastening on a steel tube mast.

Starting velocity: < 0.5 m/s
Maximum wind speed: 60 m/s
      resp. 0 .... 90 m/s (special version for highest wind forces)
Diameter of flange: 190 mm
Diameter of cup wheel: 520 mm
Total height: 1180 mm
Weight: 19.5 kg

incl. extensive accessories, see leaflet
special mast, see leaflet

Recorder in grey lacquered metal cabinet with glazed door as well as applied container with float for the recording of the gusts, recording system with 4 recording pens, ink recording on drum

Measuring range:
     wind speed: 0...40 m/s (standard)
              special ranges on request: 0 ... 60 m/s resp. 0 .... 334 km/h for highest wind forces
     wind run: 10 km each as continuous curve traces
     wind direction: N-E-S-W

Recording height:
     wind speed: 96 mm
     wind run: 25 mm
     wind direction: 62 mm

Drumrecorder type 82a
Recording drum: Ø187 mm, 228 mm height
Drum rotation: 1 day
Paperfeed: 22.5 mm/h
Running time: 8 days

Dimensions of cabinet: 420 mm width x 460 mm height x 250 mm depth
Total height: 1010 mm
Weight: app. 21.5 kg

Accessories acc. leaflet

continuous chart recorder type 82b
Paperfeed: 20 mm/h
Running time: 1 month

Dimensions of cabinet: 560 mm width x 460 mm height x 250 mm depth
Total height: 1010 mm
Weight: app. 22.5 kg

Accessories acc. leaflet

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